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Lauren Trimble DHom, Nd Having a life long study in the principles of nature and healthy living, Lauren is happy to share her knowledge and experience. The art of retuning the body’s natural healing capacity & developing consciousness in a compassionate and gentle way is the gift that homeopathy brings to her holistic practice.

Lauren is a member of Ritma, MICHpa and HTSF, and a graduate of the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH) Homeopathic/Naturopathic program. She began her career in alternative health with acupressure and later trained at the Montreal Gongfu Research Centre where Traditional Chinese Medicine is combined with martial art practices. She co-founded the Montreal Healing Arts Community (MHAC), a local non-profit offering networking, outreach and education to the healing community and also founded a Montreal support group for social phobia. She has studied NVC and Bohm’s Dialogue methods as well as Active Listening by Carl Rogers.




Lauren wrote for the Autumn Issue 2017 on,

Trans-generational trauma and homeopathy



and for the Winter Issue 2017 on:

Homeopathic Missions in Honduras, bringing homeopathy to the people one case at a time