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I live in Mount Maunganui in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.  Its been a lovely area to work and live in.  I feel inspired by the ocean to follow my dreams and heart.  Its a natural environment around here, and there are lots of people that are into natural health, caring for the environment/being organic etc.


I did my natural therapy training around 20 years ago. I’ve studied products in various health shops, and have written my own column ‘Remedies in the Pantry’ in the ‘Health Options’ Magazine for 3 years.  Plus I’ve been a freelance journalist for other magazines and have written music, produced a musical, resulting in two different CD’s (Celeste Music).


I have lots of experience in nutrition and learning about health, and have written 2 books, one on vegan/ vegetarian cooking, and more recently one on gluten/sugar-free and vegan cuisine.



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Many health conditions, can be improved by eliminating foods from ones diet.  Most naturopaths will recommend using fresh whole foods only, using fruit, vegetables, nuts/seeds, bean and pulses etc.


My recent book the ‘Fresh Cuisine Recipe Book’ was inspired by several reasons, mostly through a change in diet for health reasons.  As to do so, can be such a challenge, I’ve created a tool to help and inspire others, also needing to make these changes. This is the third book published by me. It is has many tasty recipes that are delicious, have good results, and are easy and practical to make.  A real selection and variety is included, suiting different tastes.

In my book, the recommended diet is used to cleanse the intestine and liver, releasing toxins from the body, also assisting in weight loss.

The recipes use raw and cooked whole foods, which deliver enzymes and nutrients.  These are helpful for the digestive system and the recipes use minimal, extra virgin olive oil; fantastic for the liver! Where the recipes need some oil, extra virgin olive oil is used and sometimes water replaces this for example when baking vegetables.  It is actually best, to pour the oil on afterwards, so that it is not heated and therefore it keeps its nutrients.

Ingredients used as sweeteners, in this book are formulated, to find the right balance.  Syrups and dried fruit, often used in ‘sugar-free’ recipes are high in sugar.  Yet this book is unique to others, in avoiding these, using fresh fruit/nuts/spices that have an amount of sugar that the body can cope with.

Its amazing how refreshing and beautiful it can be, to have fresh fruit.  Especially in the am, and it just feels so nice afterwards.  In general the change of diet is a good thing, and because the food is so healthy, food can be enjoyed in abundance. Such a diet really improves feeling, emotional balance too, besides having an eliminatory impact on the organs clean.  It may also help with spiritual health, being able to align and connect with a higher source can be improved with a clear mind/body.  So mood and happiness improves also, which is a bonus.

This book is great for vegetarians, vegans and those wanting sugar/gluten free foods. Learning to taste real foods again is a great experience and becomes the acquired taste! Great for any health conscious people really, and a healthy pantry!!


When dining out:

… its best to research menus prior to going to a restaurant.  Most places are happy to oblige, if they have a bit of notice.


I would like to support people with this diet. I do coaching sessions for health and well-being, and can be contacted at recipe.book@vodafone.co.nz.


On FB: https://www.facebook.com/CelesteEnterprises/?fref=ts


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Happy cooking and health!


Savoury Pumpkin Piepumpkin pie

Pastry (Make while vegetables are cooking)

1 cup flour

4 tbs extra virgin olive oil

almond milk to mix

1 tsp lemon juice

½ tsp sea salt


Mix the olive oil, into the flour.  Add salt and then wet ingredients.  Mix well, then knead slightly, with floury hands.  Roll out Pastry, on a floured surface.  Fit in to a greased (with olive oil), pie dish.



¼ pumpkin, cooked and mashed

5 leaves silver beet, steamed

4 chopped tomatoes

1 tsp basil

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

2 tbs tahini

pumpkin seeds


Mix the basil, garlic and tomatoes.  Place the silver beet leaves, at the bottom of the Pastry.  Then spread over the tomatoes.  Layer the pumpkin last, yet not least.


Pour the tahini, in a swirl over the top; doing the outside first.  Sprinkle over pumpkin seeds and bake at 180ºC, for 35 mins.  Make sure crust, is crispy and firm.