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ajay (1)Dr. Ajay Yadav is a Clinical Homeopathy Physician, Skin Aesthetician & Trichologist practising in Mumbai. He is a homeopathic graduate, and acquired his Diploma in Cosmetology, a Diploma in Skin-aesthetics, a Certificate in Trichology, from the Gold Coast University of Australia. He has finished a C.V.D (Certificate in Venereal Disease), a C.S.D. (Certificate in Skin Disease), a C.C.H. (Certificate in Child Health) from Mumbai University. He also holds a N.D. (Diploma in Naturopathy). He is an active member of the ANTI_AGEING MEDICINE ACADEMY OF INDIA (AAMI), a member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalsi (LMHI), Indian chapter from 2011, and a Member of the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) Mumbai 2012. Dr. Ajay Yadav can be contacted by e-mail:drajay@skinrenew.in, drajay@yahoo.co.in

Website: www.skinrenew.in    Blog: www.skinrenew.blogspot.in


Dr. Ajay Yadav wrote for the Mid-summer 2015 issue of Clever H.- the Mag!. His article is titled: Homeopathy for Cough


Dr. Ajay also wrote for the Winter 2018 issue on: The Anti-aging of homeopathic cell salts